bogdan bobolea - 20 Apr 2013

Stii bine engleza? Tradu verbele din engleza in romana...


Ce inseamna, cum se traduce in engleza blow off

a evacua, a scapa, a alunga



informal break wind noisily.



1. blow off
to ignore
She has better thing to do that nite so she will blow off the boring plans.
2. blow off
to cancel plans, dates or events
I blew off my plans to hang out with my girlfriend.
3. blow off
1.) To tell someone to go away in a rude manner.
2.) To shine on, or to ignore
1.) Blow off Jeffrey, I don't want you here any more.

2.) The party was full of losers so she blew it off.

4. blow off
British slang for farting.which is far different from the American meaning: to ignore, avoid, dumping of a girlfriend or boyfriend
that old man over there looks like he is about to blow off.
5. blow off
To give the cold shoulder to someone considered a nuisance or want nothing to do with.
She's going to blow off John because she's not interested in him.
6. blow off
Blow off is a British slang term usually used by children to mean "fart". This term was prevalent up until recently but its use seems to be declining and the bawdy American version which means to ignore, or snub, is taking over.
This is one of the reasons Americans are laughed at in Britain as it causes some humour in British households.
My older sister was on the phone to her boyfriend last night and I heard her blow off just as she was pretending to kiss him.

Hey these days you dont talk to nobody, you know what they call you down at Morgans Bar? huh? they call you Mr Blow off, yeah ! hey how about that.
7. blow off
in poker, blow off means to loose money being careless and stupid
Invite Teddy over for some hold'em, and easy money. He'll blow off so easily.