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thumbnail Traduceti urmatoarele locutiuni verbale din engleza in romana. Alegeti varianta cea mai potrivita din cele prezentate.

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The Idiot Test 2. Avem vesti bune pentru cei carora le-a placut The Idiot Test - The Idiot Test: a aparut si partea a doua - The Idiot Test 2... Urmeaza pas cu pas instructiunile care apar scrise, ca sa [...]
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Stii sa scrii o scrisoare de intentie in limba engleza?. Intr-o scrisoare de intentie se foloseste frecvent fraza: To whom it may concern. Ce inseamna?
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Comentariu test: Jean - 34 ani - 17 Mai 2015

Comentariu Jean 28 05 2015
Consider ca e o pierdere de timp cu testul acesta multe raspunsuri sunt gresite...Nu Va Ajuta La Nimic Acest Test

Comentariu test: anca - 27 ani - 9 Sep 2014

Comentariu hahahaha

Comentariu test: Shole - 25 ani - 10 Sep 2013

Comentariu Cred ca tu sau nu sti romana ca multe cuvinte din engleza ai facut in romana sa para totus alceva
**** **** ** ** *** ***** ** ***

Comentariu test: Ana-Camelia - 19 ani - 26 Aug 2013

Comentariu am facut 17 intrebari, dar acolo unde era "break a leg" sunt sigura ca am intalnit expresia la ora de engleza si ca insemna "a-si rupe piciorul"... straight face

Comentariu test: ana - 11 ani - 16 Aug 2013

Comentariu am avut 20 raspunsuri corecte!!!!!

Comentariu test: bogdan bobolea - 48 ani - 20 Apr 2013


Ce inseamna, cum se traduce in engleza blow off

a evacua, a scapa, a alunga


informal break wind noisily.


1. blow off
to ignore
She has better thing to do that nite so she will blow off the boring plans.
2. blow off
to cancel plans, dates or events
I blew off my plans to hang out with my girlfriend.
3. blow off
1.) To tell someone to go away in a rude manner.
2.) To shine on, or to ignore
1.) Blow off Jeffrey, I don't want you here any more.

2.) The party was full of losers so she blew it off.

4. blow off
British slang for farting.which is far different from the American meaning: to ignore, avoid, dumping of a girlfriend or boyfriend
that old man over there looks like he is about to blow off.
5. blow off
To give the cold shoulder to someone considered a nuisance or want nothing to do with.
She's going to blow off John because she's not interested in him.
6. blow off
Blow off is a British slang term usually used by children to mean "fart". This term was prevalent up until recently but its use seems to be declining and the bawdy American version which means to ignore, or snub, is taking over.
This is one of the reasons Americans are laughed at in Britain as it causes some humour in British households.
My older sister was on the phone to her boyfriend last night and I heard her blow off just as she was pretending to kiss him.

Hey these days you dont talk to nobody, you know what they call you down at Morgans Bar? huh? they call you Mr Blow off, yeah ! hey how about that.
7. blow off
in poker, blow off means to loose money being careless and stupid
Invite Teddy over for some hold'em, and easy money. He'll blow off so easily.

Comentariu test: bogdan bobolea - 48 ani - 20 Apr 2013




"a se distruge prin lovire"

FALS ak__126

break down

1(of a machine or motor vehicle) suddenly cease to function:
his van broke down
(of a relationship, agreement, or process) cease to continue; collapse:
pay negotiations with management broke down
lose control of one’s emotions when in a state of distress:
the old woman broke down in tears
(of a person’s health or emotional control) fail or collapse:
his health broke down under the strain of overwork
Janet’s normal self-control and impassiveness had broken down utterly
2undergo chemical decomposition:
waste products which break down into low-level toxic materials

Comentariu test: CIP - 28 ani - 13 Mar 2013

Comentariu 100% si nici macar nu l-am terminat pe tot
si am raspuns si la nimereala la toate
aia intre 4-15 ani care au facut intre 100 si 120 % sa stiti ca tre sa spuneti cat ati facut la prima incercare nu la a 8-a, si nu se pune daca le memorati
inseamna ca aveti memorie buna, nu ca stiti engleza

Comentariu test: Gabriela - 20 ani - 2 Dec 2012

fata_par_verde_rochie_neagra_trimisa_gabriela.jpg recunosc ca unele le-am dat la nimereala si ca nu prea le am cu expresiile in engleza dar consider ca am facut cat am stiut struck

Comentariu test: deea - 19 Nov 2012

1353339295.jpg 100% kiss

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